Alcohol Pricing and Promotions

Low alcohol prices and special promotions, which are meant to encourage product sales and brand loyalty, can have the unintended consequence of promoting over service and binge drinking. Low alcohol prices and promotions appeal mostly to younger drinkers - and 18-25 year olds are our nation's highest-risk age group when it comes to binge and heavy drinking. (1)

Environmental Assessment: Pricing and Promotion Word | PDF

This guide was developed to assess a community's environment in regards to pricing and promotions of alcohol which contribute to high-risk drinking.

Alcohol Pricing and Promotions: Protect Your Business Word | PDF

This document was developed to help licensees understand why pricing and promotions can cause problems, the laws around pricing and promotion, and tips for protecting their business from the negative consequences of low pricing and promotions.

Citations for Alcohol Pricing and Promotions

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