Information and Resource Center (IRC) Policies for Borrowing Library Materials


The IRC loans books free of charge throughout the State of Maine to any Maine resident.


The only cost to the borrowing patron/organization is return postage; replacement cost if the book is lost in the return mail; and any costs incurred as a result of extensive damage.

Requesting titles

Requests may be made by telephone, with the online form or email. Patron contact information needs to be included with any requests, including address, telephone numbers and email.

Lending Period

Books are signed out for a three week period. If an extension is needed, contact the IRC with a request for the amount of additional time needed and we will extend if not needed by another patron.

Overdue Materials:

Patrons will be sent four overdue notices for books. These notices will note the title, due date and cost of the items. A bill for the cost of the items not returned will be enclosed with the fourth notice.

Damaged or Lost Materials

The replacement cost for a lost or damaged book will be charged to the patron. Please do not attempt to repair damaged books with household materials, as this could cause further damage to the item.

Videos & DVDs

The IRC loans videos & DVDs free of charge throughout the State of Maine. Schools, hospitals, treatment facilities, law enforcement agencies, churches, businesses, civic groups, self-help groups and other organizations can make use of these videos in their prevention, education, and treatment programs. The IRC is a publicly supported institution. Therefore, its materials may not be used where admission fees are being charged. IRC videos/dvds are covered by U.S. copyright laws and may not be duplicated.


The only cost to the borrowing patron/organization is return postage; replacement cost if the video or dvd is lost in the return mail; and any costs incurred as a result of extensive damage to materials. (See Returning Materials and Damaged or Lost Materials below.) The replacement cost of the item is typed on the back of the case. Insuring the item when mailing back is the prerogative of the patron.

Copyright Agreement

U.S. copyright laws apply to IRC materials. By requesting the loan of materials, each patron agrees to abide by federal law and will not duplicate all or part of Information and Resource Center borrowed materials. When using videos or dvds over the University ITV system, individual authorization must be made in advance with the video producer. Please allow enough time to make these arrangements.


Requests may be made by telephone, online form or email. Requests should be made as soon as possible to assure availability of specific titles. Written requests need to include title and show date(s), plus alternate titles and show dates. Please schedule at least five business days prior to first show date to allow time to receive the materials through the mail.

Show Dates

Videos and dvds are scheduled for specific show dates. Due to the demand for materials and the mailing time involved, media materials are normally scheduled for no more than 3 consecutive days. However, exceptions to this policy can be made when necessary.

Changing or Extending Show Dates

If it becomes necessary to change or extend a show date, call the IRC immediately. If it is at all possible, based on bookings for the title involved, arrangements will be made to change or extend the show date.

Confirming Show Dates

A confirmation of booking will be sent to confirm each request within 2 days of the booking. The confirmation indicates the program title, show date, date it will be mailed from or picked up at the IRC, and date it is due back in the IRC. Please read it over carefully. When the video/dvd arrives, please read the mailing card, and again familiarize yourself with the scheduled show date(s) and the due date.

Receiving Materials

Each video/dvd is mailed library rate from the IRC at least four mail days prior to the first scheduled show date. It should arrive the day before the show date.

Returning Materials

The due date for materials sent through the mail is four mail days after the last scheduled show date. The due date is indicated on both the confirmation of booking and the mail card. To return, turn over the mail card and fill out the return address; the card is already addressed to the IRC. In order to insure that the video is received in the IRC by the due date, it needs to be mailed the day after the last scheduled show date. It can be mailed library rate through the U.S. Postal Service or other carrier of your choice. For those who wish to purchase insurance, the value is indicated on the back of the case.

Overdue Policy

IRC videos/dvds are very heavily used, and a late return often causes the cancellation of another patrons' scheduled program. Therefore, it has become necessary for the IRC to temporarily suspend services to patrons who have more than four overdue videos in a four-month period. Loans to these patrons will be suspended for the next two months. An item is overdue if it does not arrive back in the IRC on or before the due date.

Lost Materials

The replacement cost for a lost items will be charged to the patron.

Care and Handling of Videos & DVDs

Videos should be kept under cool and dry conditions when not in use. Please let the video reach normal room temperature before attempting to play. Removing it from the mailing case will speed up this process. Videos will be ruined if stored in an unventilated car during the summertime. Likewise, dvds should be stored in a temperature similar to that in which they will be used. Handle dvds carefully: fingerprints, smudges, scratches, dirt, dust, solvents, moisture, and any other foreign material can interfere with the ability of the laser to read the data

Damaged Videos/DVDs

If a video or dvd breaks or malfunctions during use, please make note of this when returning. You will not be billed for damaged/broken item unless: 1. It is not returned to us or 2. There is obvious negligence in handling of the item.


A small collection of substance abuse periodicals is maintained at the IRC. Periodicals are not loaned. Maine residents who wish to access articles from journals housed at the IRC can visit the library to browse the collection. A list of current subscription titles will be made available upon request.


Pamphlets are free upon request to Maine residents and do not need to be returned to the IRC. Bulk copies of select titles are available. Call the IRC to discuss a request for bulk copies of pamphlets.


Publications by the Office of Substance Abuse and other selected publications are available free from the IRC. If the publication is online, it can be accessed through the electronic link in the Library Catalog. Printed copies which do not need to be returned to the IRC may also be provided if supplies allow.