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Teamwork: Principles of Successful Teams

  • A quick and concise presentation of what distinguishes a high performance team. A good tool for initiating a discussion of team goals.

Teenagers and Tough Decisions Pt.1

  • 1990 issues are still relevant, but of course, the statistics are outdated. We looked up current stats.

Tell 'em How You Feel

  • I use this every year. It never out dates itself.
  • Great win-win lesson.
  • I've used it for years to teach negotiation skills. I love it, as do the kids.

Therapy Games

  • Very engaging presenter. Lots of good information.

Tobacco X-Files

  • Youths (15-17) felt it was over dramatized (acting). Interviews with cancer patients were done well.

The Truth About Body Image

  • This tape was very well received when shown to a group of teens working on substance abuse issues. It was also shown to teens with other psychiatric issues, and it stirred up intense emotions that some found "too close to home" since teens in the group were currently struggling with bulimia themselves or had friends who were.

The Truth About Hate

  • No Native American example...but very good!

The Truth About Tobacco

  • Kids (9-12) liked that Patrick Reynolds rebelled against family and the "inside" info on advertising techniques. Lost interest when Patrick got "preachy" and talked about God.

Twee, Fiddle and Huff

  • I like this because it hasn't become outdated w/clothes, hairstyles etc.

Twenty-Seventh and Prospect

  • Very moving with regards to the toll drugs can take on a community.


Understanding the Basics of Recovery

  • After previewing, decided it was too advanced for kids in IOP. However, I think it is excellent for adults.

Understanding Major Anxiety Disorders and Addiction

  • Excellent group response. Lots of focus on wanting more on coping strategies. i.e. deep breathing and meditation exercises. Very helpful.
  • Clients found it useful.

Understanding the Federal Confidentiality Regulations

  • Very informative and helpful to furthering confidentiality knowledge.
  • Well presented information. Video quality is very good.

Understanding Psychiatric Illness and Recovery

  • Best video we've had in ages.

Understanding Schizophrenia and Addiction

  • Good identification and provoked a good group discussion.

Understanding Suicide and Addiction

  • All 9 participants gave info that indicated they identified with at least one element in the film.

Up in Smoke: the Extreme Dangers of Smoking

  • Thumbs-up! A graphic film - most (8th grade) enjoyed.



  • Good. Group response was excellent. Shows how taking drugs and alcohol abuse/dependence violates values. Thought provoking on clarifying values.

Violence : The Ripple Effect

  • It was quite sobering and made its point well.


Waking Up From Dope

  • Presentation and facts were very good.

Wall of Denial

  • Good info. Some kids liked it, others did not. It is too long to hold the attention of the population I deal with.

Watch What You Drink

  • A good supplement for a lesson on party drugs.
  • Very interesting and a great awareness tool for a serious health issue related to alcohol use.

What are Drugs?

  • Excellent for young children.
  • Well received--good springboard for discussion. Nice film.

What are Errors in Thinking?

  • Very good film, real people telling their stories is helpful.

What is Your Drug I.Q.?

  • Great video. Direct and informational.
  • Good discussion opener. New info for some of our patients.
  • This video is older, however, it has some good info. Pausing video for discussion was useful.

What's Wrong With Tobacco

  • I like it because of it's historical perspective, even though it's outdated.
  • A bit outdated. Hard for kids to relate to the teens in the movie.

When Gambling is no Longer Fun

  • Good point. Gambling is a recreation activity, not an investment.

The Winds of Change

  • This is a good film for when I want to introduce change at the beginning of my groups. Awesome.

Without Warning

  • Very effective message.
  • Very appropriate for the age group. Powerful message...realistically depicted consequences.
  • Sends a very strong message to teens about the serious consequences of binge drinking.

The Wizard of No

  • Good strategies for saying no. Funny. Good story.


Yes? No? Maybe? Decision Making Skills

  • The written exercises on how to identify and understand values are excellent.

You're Right and So Am I (Respect Series)

  • Nice series when used sequentially.

Youth Voices

  • Good to see other students speak out about drinking - consequences for behaviors.

Youth Voices III

  • Good program. Seems very realistic.

Youth Voices IV

  • Shown to a small "user" audience. Participants gave credibility to "straight" students and validity of survey responses.

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