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Rage is Optional

  • Excellent tape on rage and techniques to help with rage! I would recommend to any recovering person.

Reality Check : A Marijuana Prevention Video

  • Good points made with little digression - held the students' attention

Recovery from the Heart : A Journey Through the Twelve Steps for Native Americans

  • Loved the tape - nice to see other Native Americans in recovery.

Reflections on Human Spirituality

  • Holds various views of spirituality. Never dull or preachy--even an athiest's perspective.

Relapse (Dr. Ohlms)

  • Viewers commented on the presenter's positive style of educating and clarity of information.

Relapse (Father Martin)

  • Father Martin is excellent as always. Clients liked it a lot.
  • Clients found the content good and the presentation easy to listen to.

Relax! You Only Live Once

  • People had to leave the room they were laughing so hard.

Resisting Social Pressures to Use Alcohol

  • Viewers could relate to the social pressures.

Responsibility and Recovery

  • My favorite film for S.A. clients.

Restless, Irritable and Discontented

  • Very informative. I like the real life situations.

Retrieving the Past

  • Viewers could identify and shared how the film gave them new awareness.

Roots of Addiction: Drug and Behavioral Compulsions

  • Good observations about addictions. Too much technical info. about the brain.


S.A.T. : Working Together So Every Child Can Be Successful (Elementary)

  • Useful tool to show to staff so they can understand the S.A.T. process.
  • Good review of the S.A.T. process and roles.
  • Showed the S.A.T. process well--we would like to see a high school team in action.

Say No and Mean It.

  • Good video. Students (gr. 3) enjoy it and pay attention.
  • Several students (gr. 3) said they really liked the video.

Self Esteem (ATVM)

  • Always a great way to start our students off with the thought that they can do anything if they want to badly enough and are willing to work.
  • Great self esteem booster.

Self Esteem and Empowerment

  • Great for my group of adult men in the jail.

Shame and Addiction

  • Very strong stuff

Sky's the Limit

  • Students (3rd grade) could relate to this film. Very real.

Slim Chance (48 Hours)

  • Addresses male eating disorders as well. Good idea!

Smoking : Truth or Dare?

  • Excellent - vivid, truthful, almost scary to them (gr. 6) Very up front for them to see.
  • This is the best video yet. Extremely effective!

Soft is the Heart of a Child

  • Very effective around family role teaching.
  • Brought out some strong feelings
  • This does get to some of the clients.

Sooper Puppy: Drink, Drank, Drunk

  • We (2nd grade) liked this one a lot. Cute puppets and good message.

Sooper Puppy : That's Trouble

  • Great film quality - like new! Students (K-2) love Sooper Puppy

Stranger Danger : Playing It Safe

  • The 3rd graders enjoyed this video. It was a good length and they really enjoyed the rap song at the end.

Street Smarts : Learning to Avoid Relapse

  • Had the flavor of reality.

Suicide : A Guide to Prevention

  • Nicely done with high school students!

Surviving Death

  • Nicely done. I especially liked what the gay artist had to say about death affirming life.

Symptoms of Alcoholism (Father Martin)

  • Excellent group response. They shared enjoying the humor of Father Martin, lack of judgement and how they identified-i.e. gulping drinks, sneaking drinks etc...
  • Father M. is a great speaker. His material is non-scientific, but still effective.
  • Most liked Father Martin's vocabulary -- which they say can be understood--vs. the people with big words.

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