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Marijuana and the Mind : Intoxication and Addiction

  • This movie provided good information for our clients. I especially liked the objectives and questions and answers literature provided.
  • What I liked is the enclosed informational sheet that discussed the video, especially the pre-viewing and post-viewing questions.

Marijuana : The Escape to Nowhere

  • Clients could relate to the honest responses from participants. Clients who do not use marijuana saw common characteristics of addiction to their drug of choice.
  • Excellent film. Well received.

Marijuana : The Gateway Drug

  • Too authoritative a moderator ; should have been easier for youth to identify with.. "Sparky" too stereotypical. Overall, very good/informative.
  • Good movie that drives home issues of how substance use/abuse can lead to addiction.

Marijuana in the New Millennium

  • Film has a lot of good info. Sometimes presented so rapidly, it's hard for clients to grasp.
  • David Ohlms reaches all levels. Presentation is practical, believable ; leads to great discussion.

Marijuana in the 90's

  • I like this better than the updated version, Marijuana in the New Millennium.

Marijuana : Weeding Out the Hype

  • Good as far as it goes. Better yet if there was more on the physical/psychological effects of pot.

Marijuana (Delbert Boone)

  • Delbert's always good.

Magical Make-Over

  • Young people enjoyed this.

Medical Consequences of Addiction

  • Wonderful, comprehensive good info! Clients liked.

Meth : What's Cooking in your Neighborhood?

  • Good video, thorough. Impressive panel.

Methadone : Curse or Cure?

  • Film a little dated and for a methadone audience biased against them. Worth seeing though.

Methamphetamine : Deciding to Live

  • Very well done film, good portrayal of recovery, need for 12-step support groups. Not overly preachy or clinical. Received good feedback from my audience. (Maine State Prison)

MICA : Problems and Solutions In Treating The Mentally Ill/Chemically Addicted

  • One of the best dual diagnosis videos that I have viewed.
  • Good film for group discussion. Some comments made about A.A. might indicate ignorance about self-help principles and traditions and give people excuses not to try it.

Motivation and Recovery

  • Great video, great topic, great presentation.
  • Viewers could relate to the situations on the video. It made for a good discussion.


  • Well worth showing. Nice simple message. I hope to borrow it again. One reservation: Nicotine addiction is not just programming.

Multiple Choice

  • Promoted good discussion about needing to think through choices before acting.

My Pot Video

  • Younger kids found it interesting and absorbing. Some alternative education older teen boys thought it was for "wimps".
  • Short, but filled with good facts.


Nurses : The Web of Denial

  • Video presented issues that apply to people in care-giving professions. Good.


One Day at a Time (Father Martin)

  • Generates lots of questions and some request to see again.

One for Over the Line

  • The clients were impacted by this movie very much.

Out Of The Tunnel - Into The Light: Stories Of Recovery From Dual Disorders

  • Very hopeful, informative, educational
  • Excellent. The group would like to watch it again.
  • Very enjoyable, different lifestyles, informative. This tape was very helpful in our group.


Pieces of Silence

  • Counselors love this film!
  • Shown in IOP and Codependency group - both groups liked a lot.

The Pieces of the Puzzle : Understanding Addictive Disorders

  • Great to see client artwork. Used as a primer to drawing exercise in group.
  • Great descriptive outline of addictive behaviors, wonderful artistic drawings - powerful.

The Politics of Addiction

  • Excellent look at the importance of treatment over incarceration to address addiction.

Portrait of Addiction : Close to Home

  • Very powerful documentary. Audience (10th grade -adult) were all clearly affected by it. A definate 10 rating.

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