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I Am Your Child : The First Years Last Forever

  • Great movie. The students really enjoyed it.

Identifying Alcohol Abusers

  • Really excellent. The actors are very convincing. Interviews felt natural.

If I'm Lying, I'm Dying : A Program About Smoking

  • Excellent tape for 3rd graders.
  • A little outdated, but still good.

I'm Proud to Be Me

  • Very good for self-esteem for young children.

Inhalant Abuse : Signs and Symptoms

  • Really liked this--direct, factual and interesting.

It Can Happen to Anyone

  • Group liked the video, even though they were younger adults.

It's Your Choice : The Facts About Smoking

  • Good information -- perhaps a little dry for this age group (7th grade).


The Journey Back

  • Powerful. Makes clients think.

The Joy of Being Normal

  • Dispels stigma of methadone.

The Joy of Stress

  • Kids enjoyed and learned from the video.
  • A very good video to look at positive things.
  • She's very funny. The message is clear: Don't take yourself too seriously. Lighten up and live longer.


Kids and Guns

  • Viewers agreed that this was an excellent teaching aid for the suggested age group.

Killer at Thurston High

  • Too graphic for my grade 6. Excellent for older students.


The Legacy of Childhood Trauma

  • Excellent for discussion topics: Resiliency ; Defense Mechanisms ; Therapeutic Supports ; Trauma
  • The level was too mature to show our group of children. Very good video for adults.

Let it Not be in Vain

  • Very powerful movie.

Loaded Weapon

  • Powerful drama used to make students think about their choices.

Lost and Found : Young People Talk About Depression

  • Good video to use with a teen audience. Prompted discussion.

Lost Childhood: Growing up in an Alcoholic Family

  • Does a great job of showing how children are impacted by parents' addictions.

Lots of Kids Like Us

  • Third grade teachers always want to include this particular video in our Alcohol Awareness Day. It is an excellent tool for children to learn about alcohol and the problems it causes alcoholics and their families.
  • The best!
  • Film offers good discussion of alcohol related issues for kids.
  • My favorite video to use as a counseling tool.

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