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Early Recovery Issues for Older Adults

  • Direct and informational. Covers medical, emotional/psychological and social aspects.

Ecstasy and Other Club Drugs

  • Goes into detail. The presenter's voice bored me.

The Enablers

  • The scenes are from the 1980's in the way they dress and use of phone etc. The message is good and comes through to the (adult) audience.

Enjoying Sobriety

  • Clients found the film full of useful material.
  • Video showed recovering alcoholics responding to tough real-life situations that someone in recovery has to deal with on an everyday basis. Touched on a lot of different subjects.

Exploring Healthy Relationships

  • I will borrow this video again. Introduces the topic of healthy communication/families well.



A Family Legacy : A Portrait of Discovery and Recovery

  • Helped (Master's Level) students understand the woman's position.

Fatal Mistakes : Families Shattered by Suicide

  • I learned a great deal from this film. Wonderful material.

Feelings (Father Joseph Martin)

  • Father Martin-as always-right on target. Direct and humorous.

The Firefighter

  • A lot of our teens could relate to growing up in single family homes. Questions were helpful in the follow-up discussion. We also discussed how Penny's communication style had an effect on the relationships (ie passive-aggressive).

Flash Judgements

  • Great program, especially the materials (workbooks). I could use this for a month or so.

For a Change : Breaking Old Habits and Making New Ones

  • Excellent video to show in my wellness classes. Messsage is very current. Just wish that settings and people (appearance) were a little more current.


Gambling: It's Not About Money

  • Recovery group sharing and caring, and insightful.

Gambling with your Life

  • Well done. Eye opening. Great scenes of NYC too.

The Girl Most Likely To...

  • One of the best movies in the series. (Working it Out at Madison)

The Glitter

  • Good interactive video for gaining awareness of the media's influence on our attitudes - good for adolescents.


  • Terrific reception by the audience. (A.A. Group)

Guidelines (Father Joseph Martin)

  • Clients loved it-could relate to content and humor.


Healing the Addicted Brain

  • Excellent way to get the "group" experience for people who don't attend 12-step groups.
  • Patients were attentive to the personal stories.
  • I love these videos as they cover things we have not been able to.
  • Very informative and easy to use in a group setting.

Hemp : Chasing Smoke

  • Educational. It brings my own background to mind. It affirms my reason to stay stopped--it was a good reality check.

Heroin and Other Opiates

  • Nice lecture. Dr. Ohlm's always does a fine job-clear and concise.

Heroin : The New High School High

  • The fact that the video had someone famous who went through the ordeal and basically said it was not cool had an impact.

Heroin : What Am I Going to Do?

  • Good video. It taught us the bad effects of heroin. It wasn't just focused on teens.
  • Early part of movie triggering-glamorizing, but overall good.

The Hijacked Brain

  • Very well done. Helps clients understand the disease concept.
  • Really effective video showing brain interaction/addiction.
  • Patients loved it-found personally informative.
  • This movie was helpful in understanding the role the brain plays.

High on Life, Not on Drugs

  • Very good film. Group could relate to the changes in society.

The Honor of All

  • Very helpful to demonstrate community norm change.

How to Decide

  • This was the best video I've seen on drugs and alcohol for young kids...and we have a library of videos ourselves.

Howard Gray (Intermediate Level)

  • Was used as part of a bullyproof program. Has great teaching ideas.

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