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  • Favorable comments from addicts and non-addicts.

Addicted (48 Hrs)

  • Excellent content but too mature for my 6th graders.

Addiction Disease

  • Very informative.
  • One person said "the lightbulb came on on how alcoholism is a disease vs. a choice". Never "got it" before. Experienced staff person had several myths dispelled. Good stuff!
  • Good info--a little "dry" in presentation.

Addiction and Mental Illness

  • Insightful to hear clinicians and clients duscuss the issues of diagnosis and treatment for substance abuse and mental illness.

Addiction and the Elderly

  • It was entertaining, but somewhat lacking in information.

Advertising Alcohol : Calling the Shots Update

  • Adult oriented video that looks at unhealthy messages from the media regarding alcoholism. Very good.
  • Really stimulates discussion.
  • I use this video in a (12th grade) class I teach called "Culture and Gender". I have found it very useful in the analysis of gender depiction of men and women.
  • This is a terrific video to introduce students (college) to the problem of alcohol abuse and alcohol advertising.

Alcohol and Your Body

  • A good video on the basics of alcohol's effect on the body.

Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain

  • Nice overview. Actually enjoyable, yet educational.
  • Dr. Pursch is a bit hard to understand at first, but easier as the video progresses. Info and visuals are good. Personally, I like Pursch's dry humor.

Alcohol : True Stories

  • This is by far the most excellent film I have seen on alcohol for teens.
  • Well received. Good stories.

Alibi vs. Denial

  • Delbert Boone really makes great tapes. My patients enjoy them very much and they are also good for counselors to see.

And Down Will Come Baby

  • Very graphic - liked young people in the film.

Anger (Claudia Black)

  • Generated good group participation on identification of 10 faces of anger and discussion questions.

Anger : Creating New Choices

  • Video fit in well with anger management curriculum.
  • Corrections group felt positive about video. Good points.
  • Inmates relate well to this video series.

Angry John

  • Clear messages, numerous issues, useful information.

Ask For It

  • Great skill building!


Back on the Block

  • This video precipitated a lively discussion session.

Big Shot

  • Excellent resource on gun safety.

Brain Scans : Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

  • Should be seen by all middle and high schoolers.


Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

  • Children (gr.3) loved all the cartoon characters. I would show this again.

The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much

  • Students (gr.6) enjoyed this and also did well with the discussion questions.

Chalk Talk on Alcohol - Revised

  • Held their (college students) interest. They wanted to view it again.
  • A classic - Simple and profound.

Championing New Permissions

  • Consistently effective presentation.

Changing Lives: Close to Home

  • Patients got a lot out of this film.

Choices : Stories From the Maine State Prison

  • Shows the reality of poor choices.
  • It was great that the video was made in Maine. Gave the patients something to think about/relate to.

Compulsive Relationships

  • Helpful perspective. Used film to generate dialogue and self-reflection

Coping With Cravings and Thoughts of Using

  • Very practical, easy to relate to.

Criss Cross

  • Good for young people and their parents to recognize phases in using/abusing alcohol.
  • Great message - corny acting.

Cruel Spirits : Alcohol and Violence

  • This gets peoples attention!
  • This video is so effective, I'm probably going to wear it out.
  • This is an excellent video. Clients have noticed it's dated via hair styles and clothing...


Denial : The Inside Story

  • This was an excellent film for introducing the concept of denial.

The Diamond Inside Me

  • Good content. Excellent questions.

Drinking and Driving : the Toll, the Tears

  • Excellent movie. I haven't seen one better on this subject.

Drug Danger : In the Body

  • Details ; even pacing. Generated discussions and student (middle/high school) comment for 2 days.

Dying High : Teens in the ER

  • Many of the viewers have experienced injury/loss of a loved one due to substance abuse. A good discussion followed the viewing. I like the attached information packet.

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