Finding Resources for Alcohol Awareness Day
Alcohol Awareness Day is a special observance day in Maine schools mandated by the State Legislature. On the first Monday in December, Alcohol Awareness Day shall be observed by studying for at least 45 minutes, a constructive approach toward the use of alcohol and the problems and dangers of alcohol abuse upon the individual, the family and society.

We are pleased to present a new underage drinking prevention resource produced by the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, and made possible by a grant from SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.   The video, “When you say NO to Alcohol, what are you saying YES to?”  profiles five Maine  students, who discuss  their interests as well as their reasons for choosing  not to drink.  It captures each student engaging in activities that they feel passionately about.  The overarching message of the video is that despite some assumptions, not all students drink, and in fact, many students choose not to.

The target audience for this 8 minute video is middle and high school. A discussion guide (pdf) is also available for download.  

When You Say No to Alcohol (wmv) (Closed Captioned) * To turn captions on or off, press: CTRL+SHIFT+C

When You Say No to Alcohol (mp4) (Not captioned)

From the Information & Resource Center: We have videos and dvds to loan to Maine teachers for Alcohol Awareness Day. Due to high demand, we encourage you to call us for information on available titles. 1-800-499-0027 or contact us via e-mail at

Our catalog is online at:

Book of Stories: Appropriate for high school students. These stories and poetry about personal experiences with alcohol were compiled by Gorham Maine Youth Voices. At the end of each section there are study notes for discussion and reflection. Contact the Information and Resource Center to borrow a copy. Stories may be photocopied for classroom use.

These videos feature Maine youth:

If You Think Most Kids Drink--Think Again
See the video online:
Audience: 6-12 ; 10 min.

This video featuring the voices of Maine youth was produced as part of the media campaign: "If You Think Most Kids Drink--Think Again." The "Think Again" campaign was a series of 4 television ads featuring Maine youth. The conceptual model represented by the theme "Think Most Kids Drink? Think Again!" is grounded in research that demonstrates the importance of perceived social norms in young people's decisions about alcohol use. For a variety of reasons, including a barrage of media messages that glamorize alcohol use, young people often over perceive these norms. Their mistaken belief that "everybody else is drinking" leads to a subtle pressure to conform to a norm that doesn't exist in reality. The fact is that most middle and high school students in Maine are not using alcohol. This expanded video incorporates additional footage with the ads to delve into some of the issues around underage drinking. The accompanying guide can be used to stimulate a discussion about underage drinking.

Youth Voices IV
Audience: 6-12 ; 30 min.

Young people from the communities of Eastport, Jonesport, South Portland, and Standish from the ages of 12 to 22 produced public service announcements aimed at reaching their peers. Each group identified a message that would offer their perspective about issues relating to alcohol use and what role social norms play in underage drinking in Maine's communities. Their messages address issues such as misguided assumptions that alcohol is more popular than it is in reality, and the false belief that the majority of the youth population uses alcohol.

Additional alcohol awareness videos and dvds: Word : Pdf

You can also search our online catalog to see a complete listing of titles for specific grade levels using the steps below:

From the introductory screen, click on the word COMBINATION under the enhanced searching options.

On the combination search screen, enter alcohol as a subject. Enter the grade level (ex: elem) as a note.

view of online search screen

The search example above produces a list of videos about alcohol geared to an elementary level. Use the grade level abbreviations defined here: prim (k-2), elem (3-5), jr (6-8), sr (9-12) Some videos may be suitable for more than one audience level.


Web Resources:

Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior: The National Institutes of Health have developed a curriculum for grades 7-8. Learn about the science underlying the effects of alcohol on human biology and behavior.

Brain Power! The NIDA Junior Scientist Program: The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has developed age-appropriate science education materials for K-9 students on the brain and the effects of drugs (including alcohol) on the brain.

Too Smart To Start Lesson plans and other resources from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) designed to help young people avoid underage alcohol use and its consequences.

Get the Facts About Alcohol Quiz From the Reach Out Now campaign.

Building Blocks for a Healthy Future: This early childhood substance abuse prevention kit includes fun, colorful, interactive materials for parents and caregivers to use with their children. The materials—which come in a game board-style box—are designed to help children make decisions, gain confidence, and improve self-esteem. Includes:
Building Blocks Family Guide This guide contains ideas for fun activities and discussion starters, as well as advice and guidance on topics such as active listening, rule making, and being a good role model. It also can be used as a guide to the rest of the Building Blocks materials.
• Activity Book Through fun activities, children will learn to make good decisions, explore their emotions, and discover how enjoyable physical activity can be.
• Character Cards These Character Cards introduce children to the Building Blocks “friends” and provide details on each of their dreams, fears, and favorite activities.
• Building Blocks Music CD This CD includes songs that provide positive messages, encourage physical activity, and help children feel good about themselves. A CD booklet filled with all the words to the songs allow children to sing along with the “friends."
• ABC Coloring Book The ABC Coloring Book, which uses pictures to teach the alphabet, helps children develop their creative sides, practice their reading skills, and learn alliteration with the accompanying text.
• Know Kit Cards The Building Blocks Know Kit Cards provide discussion topics for parents and caregivers to use as they talk to children about the world and their bodies and minds. Age-appropriate questions help children expand their thinking and practice making decisions. The cards also offer suggestions for activities related to the questions.

Underage Drinking: Myths v. Facts | PDF: This brochure provides facts and dispels myths about alcohol. Other brochures in this series provide information on tobacco and illicit drugs. This is a free resource from SAMHSA, 1-877-726-4727 (

The Cool Spot This interactive site is geared towards teens and focuses on getting the facts about underage drinking. The website contains frequently asked questions about underage drinking, a quiz on youth pop culture, a role play activity that allows youth to make decisions when faced with using alcohol and to learn the consequences of those decisions. and links to youth oriented sites.



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