Fetal Alcohol and Drug Effects Brochure

Maine Revised Statutes -- Married Persons -- Issuance of a marriage license (19-A subsection 652 part 5) states that:

"A marriage license may not be issued until a brochure prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services concerning the effects of alcohol and drugs on fetuses has been given to both parties. The Department is responsible for making the brochures available to municipal clerks for distribution." (Link to the Statute )

The Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, Information and Resource Center provides copies of this brochure upon request.

Current brochure: Plan Ahead: Help Your Baby Get a Healthy Start in Life (PDF)


To order, contact the SAMHS Information & Resource Center:

1-800-499-0027 (In-State Only) or 207-287-8900
TTY users call Maine relay: 711

Email: osa.ircosa@maine.gov

Order form (for fax or mail) : Word | PDF


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