DEEP Program Descriptions

There are several programs for individuals who have been convicted of an OUI.

  • The 20-hour Risk Reduction Program is for Adults, 21 years or older.
  • The 16-hour Under 21 Program is for individuals who were under 21 during the time of the offense, and under 21 when they register for a program.
  • The Completion of Treatment Program is a treatment option for offenders who acknowledge the extent of their substance abuse problem, are willing to seek continued voluntary participation in treatment and can demonstrate the ability to abstain from the use of substances and who wish to enter directly into treatment for an alcohol or other drug problem.
  • The Out of State program is for those out of state who wish to meet Maine's requirements while residing in another state.
  • The Military Program is for those who are working through their branch of service to meet Maine's requirements for license.

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