Treatment Data System (TDS)
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get TDS data and/or reports from Substance Abuse and Adult Mental Health Services (SAMHS)?

Periodically, data is compiled for placement on the SAMHS Data & Statistics web page. You can get specific TDS data and reports by contacting TDS Helpdesk. Phone: (207) 287-2595

Who is required to file TDS forms via the web-based reporting system?

All Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies/Providers licensed by the Maine Department of Licensing and Regulatory Services are required to submit electronically unless they have been given dispensation to do otherwise for very specific reasons. See regulation 14-118 CMR Chapter 5, section 15.1.5.

How do I get a username and password to log into the TDS web reporting system for the first time?

Contact TDS Helpdesk. Phone: (207) 287-2595

How do I request more TDS forms?

Contact TDS Helpdesk. Phone: (207) 287-2595

Is there any way of getting a print out of successful entries into the TDS web reporting system after a session of data entry?

Not at this time. There currently isn't any functionality built into the system to provide this information. We will take it under advisement for future upgrades to the system.

How can an agency/provider obtain an open admissions list?

Currently there is not a report that will produce such data. Upon request, a list can be created list manually. The agency/provider can get this information on their own using the "Episode List" link in the TDS web reporting system and only filling in the Federal Identifier Code -- depending on the number of records in the system it will take approximately 1 to 3 minutes per screen. For more assistance, please contact TDS Helpdesk. Phone: (207) 287-2595

When do contract numbers change?

New contract numbers go into effect July 1, the beginning of the state fiscal year. They reflect the new contracts that have been entered into with treatment agencies. We will make every effort to have the list of contract numbers to agencies well in advance of July 1.

What do we use for a referral code if the agency is not listed in Appendix D of the TDS Instruction Manuals?

Contact TDS Helpdesk. Phone: (207) 287-2595

What should we do with any old OSADS forms that have been found but were never submitted?

Convert the data from the OSADS form to a TDS form then submit as usual for TDS forms.

What does DSAT stand for?

Differential Substance Abuse Treatment (DSAT).

On the Outpatient Service Delivery Report, what is the difference between / definition of Primary and Affected?

Primary refers to clients being treated for a substance abuse problem. Affected refers to a client being treated for issues relating to a close relationship with a substance user/abuser.

What should I do if I received a "Page cannot be displayed" or "ORA - #####" error when trying to access or enter data on the TDS web reporting system?

Contact TDS Helpdesk. Phone: (207) 287-2595

How are units for services to be reported?

Non-Intensive Outpatient units are reported by the _ hour. Intensive Outpatient, Shelter, and Residential units -- including Methadone dispensing, are reported by the day.

How much should the cost per unit be?

SAMHS funded agency: The unit cost has been figured in your contract for each of the services that have been contracted. If you have additional services that are not contracted, please see below.

Private Provider or Not an SAMHS funded Agency: You will report the maximum amount you would charge for this service -- regardless of whom you are billing and regardless of the actual amount you will be reimbursed for this service.

When should an MH/MR issue be reported on a TDS form?

If the client's reported MH/MR issue affects the treatment plan for that client, report the client as Dual Diagnosis (DD); otherwise do not report the MH/MR issue.

Is a TDS form required for a Mental Health client with a substance abuse problem?

As soon as the clinician begins to treat the substance abuse issue, a TDS form must be complete. If the clinician is treating only the MH/MR issue, then no TDS form is required.