FY 2012-2013 SAMHSA Block Grant Application, Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Plan

The Maine Office of Substance Abuse is seeking public comment on the State Plan portion of the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Application posted below.   The public comment period ends on December 30, 2011.  

Please click on the link below if you wish to submit your comments after reviewing the Block Grant document: 


Full content of Block Grant Application SAPT Plan FY 2012-2013 (p.1-148) 1.38 mb, *PDF document

Block Grant Application SAPT Plan by Section:

Sec. 1. State Information (p. 1-10) 41kb

a. State Information
b. State information Chief Executive Officers Funding Agreement/Certifications (Form 3)
c. Assurances - Non Construction Programs
d. Certification
e. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

Sec. 2. Planning Steps (p.11-28) 140kb

a. Step 1 -  Assess the strengths and needs of the service system to address the specific populations
b. Step 2 - Identify the unmet service needs and critical gaps within the current system
c. Table 2 Step 3 - Prioritize State Planning Activities
d. Table 3 Step 4 - Develop Objectives, Strategies and Performance Indicators

Sec. 3. Use of Block Grant Dollars for Block Grant Activities (p.29-35) 53kb

a. Table 4 Services Purchased Using Reimbursement Strategy
b. Table 5 Projected Expenditure for Treatment and Recovery Supports
c. Table 6 Primary Prevention Planned Expenditure Checklist
d. Table 7 Projected State Agency Expenditure Report
e. Table 8 Resource Development Planned Expenditure Checklist

Sec. 4. Narrative Plan, D-I (p.36-50) 384kb

D. Activities that Support Individuals in Directing the Services
E. Data and Information Technology
F. Quality Improvement Reporting  - (Refer to attachment F. Quality Improvement Reporting _ Adult MH Quality Management Plan Community Based Services)
G. Consultation with Tribes
H. Service Management Strategies
I. State Dashboards (Table 10)

Sec. 4. Narrative Plan J (p.51-132) 762kb

J. Suicide Prevention & Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program Plan

Sec. 4. Narrative Plan, K-P (p.133-148) 163kb

K. Technical Assistance Needs
L. Involvement of Individuals and Families 
M. Use of Technology
N. Support of State Partners 
O. State Behavioral Health Advisory Council
Table 11  - List of Advisory Council Members
Table 12  - Behavioral Health Advisory Council Composition by Type of Member
P. Comment on State Plan



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