Wellness and Recovery - Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist

Requirements for Earning and Maintaining Certification

This ten-day training is a requirement for Peer Support Specialists working on the Maine Warmline, in Emergency Departments, in state hospitals and on some ACT teams. Topics covered include;Creating Learning Environments, First Contact, Language, Listening Differently, Challenging Situations and Working in the System.

  1. Intentional Peer Support Specialists Training
    1. Peer Support 101
    2. Application Process
    3. Reviewed by consumers
    4. Web Training
    5. Includes learning styles assessment
    6. 10-days classroom training
    7. Must not miss more than five hours of classroom time.
    8. Completion of final test
    9. If test is not completed – entire training must be repeated.
  2. Quarterly Co-Supervision
    1. Co-Supervision 1 time per quarter - may attend more frequently.
  3. Continuing Education
    1. Two continuing Education Classes Per Year
    2. Continuing Ed options will also be offered at the Recovery Conference.
  4. 75-hours of Peer Support per year
    1. Documented quarterly.
  5. 5. Certification is issued upon completion of all requirements.
    1. Requirements must be met within one year of completion of Peer Support Specialists Training.
    2. Co Supervision, Continuing Education and 75-hours Peer Support requirements must be met each year to maintain yearly certification.