Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services; Part A - I. Statement of Intent

The purpose of these rules is to articulate the rights of recipients of mental health services so that these rights may be enhanced and protected. Mental health service recipients should suffer no loss of basic human or civil rights. Because of the exceptional circumstances under which such patients are treated, however, the exercise of some rights may require special safeguards. These rules, therefore, are intended to keep recipients' rights paramount, to assure that individual rights will be both recognized and protected during the course of service delivery, and to ensure treatment consistent with ethical and professional standards. Procedural mechanisms that exist to ensure enhancement of these rules include the licensing authority of the Department of DHHS pursuant to 34-B M.R.S.A. § 1203-A, the grievance and complaint procedures set forth in these rules, and the Department's contracting authority.

Part A, Rules of General Applicability that apply to all recipients, regardless of the treatment setting, should be read in conjunction with either Part B (for inpatient or residential settings) or Part C (for outpatient settings).