Consent Decree - Progress Report (May 2006)

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May, 06 Consent Decree Quaterly Progress Report Word* In PDF*  
Insert to part 2A for the May, 06 Consent Decree Quaterly Progress Report - standards     Excel*

Attachment #

1 Managed Care Report Word* PDF*  
2 We The People: Managing Our Behavioral HealthCare    PDF*  
3 Stakeholder Input Summary Report of Findings 4/28/6   PDF*  
4 Transitional Planning Group Word*    
5 Consumer Advisory Form   PDF*  
6 Monthly reporting form Peers in Emergency Department Word*      
7 Enrollment Form 7-1-04 Word*      
8 Enrollment Form 1-09-06 Word*     
9A Enrollment and UR Initiative Report Disclaimer       Excel*
9B Enrollment and UR Initiative by Region & Agency     Excel*
9C Enrollment and UR Initiative by Detail Summary      Excel*
9D Enrollment and UR Initiative by Diagnostic Category     Excel*
10 Service Review Version 1 Word* PDF*   
11 Service Review Version 2 Word* PDF*   
12 PNMI Service Review Word* PDF*   
13 Service Review Summary    PDF*   
14 ISP RDS Instructions Word* PDF*   
15A MH ISP Resource Data Summary Unmet Needs Report Word* PDF*  
15B MH ISP Unmet Needs Percentage Report Word* PDF*   
15C MH CDC ISP Review Forecast Report Word* PDF*  
16 Ad Hoc Vocational Word* PDF*  
17A C.L.A.S.S. Minutes 2-3-6 Word* PDF*  
17B C.L.A.S.S. Minutes 3-3-6 Word* PDF*   
18A Hospital and Crisis Initiative 2-3-6 Word* PDF*  
18B Hospital and Crisis Initiative 3-3-6 Word* PDF*  
19 Elizabeth Jones Contract Word* PDF*   
20 Elizabeth Jones Tasks & Time frames Word* PDF*   
21 Workgroups Word* PDF*   
22 Monthly Report Elizabeth Jones – February    PDF*   
23 Monthly Report Elizabeth Jones – March Word* PDF*   
24A ED Rapid Response Disposition Procedure 3/6 Word* PDF*   
24B Rapid Response Team Notification Form Word* PDF*   
25 Involuntary Commitment Training Word* PDF*   
26 Sharon Sprague’s letter – April 19, 2006 Word* PDF*   
27 Barriers/Planning Document       Excel*
28 Elizabeth Jones – Preliminary Recommendations Word* PDF*   
29 Mercer Contract Word* PDF*   
30 Standards-Missing Data Work Plan by Standard      Excel*
31 Paragraph 282 Memo to Assisted Living Facilities Word* PDF*   
32 CD Grievance filed by Setting & Year 4-28-6 Word* PDF*  
32B CD Grievance filed by Setting & Year 4-28-6 (Charts) Word* PDF*   
33 DHHS Class Members Who are Public Wards Word* PDF*  
  May, 06 Court Master's Review AMHS Quarterly Report Word* PDF*