Recovery For ME

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The Adult Mental Health has launched an initiative to prioritize the development of a system of recovery-oriented care and support. Transforming mental health services to a recovery oriented system are words that many of us are using but few can easily define. Recovery language is part of many documents and philosophies. However, it is not clear how to create a mental health system that supports recovery on all levels. In this collaborative process, we will look at what recovery-oriented care looks like and how that vision affects policy, contracts, program development and evaluation. As we understand more clearly what it means to have a system of recovery-oriented care, we will develop processes to evaluate how services support recovery. Part of this recovery initiative is an outcomes project that utilizes a toolkit, which includes the OQ Measures and the RAS (Recovery Assessment Scale), to measure individual change and for program evaluation to assess aspects of recovery. Using gathered data and subsequent understanding and knowledge, we will work towards continuously improving our mental health system of care. Recovery-oriented care is a major focus for AMHS. We invite everyone to work with us as we together help Maine move forward in implementation of a system of recovery-oriented care.

  • Defining - This section begins our work to better understand what a system of recovery-oriented care means in practice and how that system helps individuals in their own recovery journey.   The purpose is to produce Maine's own guidelines that can be a basis of policy and program review and for our continuing work together. 
  • Measuring - AMHS has begun a process of defining, measuring, and improving recovery outcomes. This portion of the recovery initiative includes looking at how AMHS measures the difference services make in people’s lives.
  • Improving - As AMHS implements recovery core values and principles and establish a conceptual and policy framework, we work collaboratively to improve our system of recovery-oriented care.
  • Webinar Schedule - Using webinars and discussion questions, AMHS will gather feedback on each domain of recovery-oriented care. Links of schedule and related documents.