Volunteer Services

The mission of the RPC Volunteer Office is to enlist and utilize the volunteer resources of the community in the overall effort to enrich and brighten the lives of clients, by offering those services which are not within the scope of staff duties as restricted by time and/or resources. A volunteer is under the direction of the Volunteer Department and is oriented and trained to give direct or indirect services to the clients. 

Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to, usher, clerical, holiday helpers

Opening for Volunteers

How to become a volunteer?

  1. Complete an application (word* | also in pdf* ) or
    1. contact the Volunteer Office at 624-3916 to receive an application. 
  2. Provide two (2) references
  3. Personal interview – at your personal interview, we will discuss your time availability, skills, interests and goals.  Together we will identify position(s) you may be qualified to consider.
  4. Health screening – in addition to a brief health screening, RPC volunteers are required to submit an immunization record.

Once the above is completed, RPC volunteers are required to complete the orientation booklet (or may attend new employee orientation training).

Please contact the Volunteer Office if you have any questions at 624-3916 or via email at Angie.Newhouse@maine.gov