Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology

Unit Responsibilities

Interns are expected to participate in the following Unit activities:

  • Morning Rounds - The multidisciplinary team meets every morning to review each client and obtain updated information.
  • Treatment Team Meetings - Interns will participate in treatment team meetings for their assigned clients. The team and client discuss the client’s treatment plan, progress made to date, specific client needs, further recommendations, and discharge planning. Outside providers and family members may participate in this process.
  • Community Meetings – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:15. All staff and clients are expected to participate in these meetings. The purpose of community meetings is to promote effective self-expression, the cornerstone of good self-esteem. Community meetings also help to acculturate the members to the values of the unit and encourage responsible behavior and effective communication. Interns will be expected to participate in these meetings by modeling self-expression and the use of “I” statements to express affirmations and confrontations, and assist clients to be able to do the same.
  • Morning Meeting – Staff and clients meet each morning to review the day’s treatment activities and events, to practice socialization skills and to promote healthy routines.
  • Staff Meetings – Multidisciplinary staff meetings occur weekly to discuss unit issues.
  • Client Caseload on Unit - Each intern will carry a caseload of three therapy clients on their assigned unit. One of these assigned cases will consist of a client with a co-occurring diagnosis.
  • Consultation – Interns interact daily with psychiatrists, physicians, nurses and other staff members. Interns will learn how to serve as consultants to staff members on their assigned units.