Department of Psychological Services

The mission of the Riverview Psychiatric Center's Department of Psychology Services is to provide state of the art consultation, assessment, and counseling services for clients recovering from mental illness and co-occurring (substance abuse) disorders. They also play a major role in the delivery of group counseling and psychoeducational programming on the Harbor Treatment Mall.

Psychology provides a broad range of assessments in response to specific referral questions posed by the treatment teams throughout the hospital. These include assessments to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning, neuropsychological testing to address more complex diagnostic questions for clients who present with complicated cognitive problems, and capacity evaluations to address clients' ability to make decisions about medical treatment. In addition, the forensic psychologists provide clinical risk assessments for forensic clients transitioning to the community and for forensic clients served in by the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team. Unit psychologists provide consultation to treatment teams and develop specialized behavioral plans as needed, including cooperating with other staff on implementing daily or hourly behavioral assessment protocols.

Riverview is the proud recipient of a "Co-Occurring State Initiative Integration" (COSII) grant for the integration of co-occurring (substance abuse and mental illness) treatment. Work done under this grant has led to improved identification of clients with substance abuse disorders, as well as assuring that they were receiving specific treatment.

Each clinical unit has assigned psychologists. Psychological services can be accessed through the treatment team and/or physicians orders. Inquiries about services can be addressed to any of the unit psychologists or to the Director of Psychology.


Kenneth A. Beattie,
Psychologist III Upper Kennebec/ Civil.
Licensed Psychologist. (Ph.D., Clark University; Ed.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.A., Stanford University). Interests: Life-span effects of childhood mistreatment; trauma-induced dissociation; clinical applications of developmental, evolutionary, and cognitive psychology; hemispheric lateralization; coping and resilience; psychodynamic psychotherapy.


Jennifer Brotsky, Psy.D
Psychologist III Lower Saco/Forensic.
Psy.D. and M.S. from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida). Pre doctoral training at the Miami VA neuropsychology department, Jackson Memorial Hospital neuropsychology department, University of Miami Anxiety Treatment Center, and Nova Southeastern University's adult outpatient therapy center. Interests include: assessment, traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the interplay of personality disorders with severe and persistent mental illness. 


Tatiana Gregor, Ed.D.
Psychologist III Upper Kennebec
Licensed Psychologist. (Ed.D. Rutgers University; B.A. Dartmouth College). Interests: Individual and group cognitive and metacognitive therapy for serious mental illness


Jennifer Heidler-Gary, PsyD
Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow, Saco Units/Forensic.
(Psy.D. George Washington University; M.S., Loyola University; B.A., Boston College). Completed practica at Johns Hopkins Hospital and St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Interests: neuropsychology of severe mental illness, ecological validity in neuro/psychological assessment, psychodynamic psychotherapy, aphasia and disorders of hemispatial neglect, long-term effects of psychotropic medications, MCT for psychosis, trauma-induced dissociation.


Paula Jursa, LCPC, LADC, CCS
Co Occurring Counselor. MS, Co Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders, Southern New Hampshire University. Interests: Completing substance abuse assessments, providing individual and group counseling utilizing various CBT strategies as well as Motivational Enhancement strategies, REBT, 12 step facilitation, and relapse prevention.


Susan Newkirk-Sanborn, Ph.D.,
Psychologist III, Upper Saco.
Licensed Psychologist. (Ph.D. in Clinical-Child Psychology from Ohio State University). Licensed psychologist in Maine since 1978. Joined staff of RPC after seven years as staff psychologist at a community mental health center and twenty-five years in private practice. Interests: human development, cognitive development, cognitive-rational and Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, assessment, watercolors.


Teresa M. Mayo,
Psy.D. Psychologist IV. ACT Team.
Licensed Psychologist. (Psy.D. University of Denver; M.Ed. University of Maine; The Institute of Living) Special interests: self-harm, trauma and treatment of forensic women.