Department of Pharmacy Services

The Department of Pharmacy Services at Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC) is dedicated to providing patient centric pharmaceutical care and clinical services in support of patients receiving psychiatric treatment at the hospital and affiliated sites.

The Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services for the clients hospitalized at Riverview Psychiatric Center and select mentally ill indigent patients and affiliated sites (Capital Community Clinic and the Riverview ACT Team). The RPC Pharmacy, provides psychopharmacological and general pharmaceutical clinical services, ensures medication safety in all facets of pharmacy operations and medication management, performs ongoing proactive medication reviews, works collaboratively with RPC's Medical Staff to develop policies and procedures to ensure maximum client benefit and medication safety, as well as, formulary management to ensure cost effective drugs are being utilized. Indigent patients that have prescriptions filled at the RPC pharmacy benefit from a caring pharmacy staff that has unique insight into the difficulties and challenges of mental illness.

Pharmacy services are contracted by the State of Maine to Comprehensive Pharmacy Services. The Director of Pharmacy is Garry Miller, R.Ph. who provides pharmacy leadership and management of both Riverview Psychiatric Center and Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center (DDPC). Garry has extensive hospital pharmacy management experience and expertise in pharmacy operations. He is also certified in Medication Therapy Management. The Assistant Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Coordinator is Miranda Cole, Pharm.D, BCPP, who provides pharmacy management and coordinates clinical pharmacy services at both RPC and DDPC. In addition to her Pharm.D. degree and Board Certification in Psychiatric Pharmacy, Miranda has completed a pharmacy practice residency specializing in psychopharmacology. Miranda actively provides patient education, clinical pharmacy consultations and precepts numerous student pharmacy interns in a specialized psychiatric rotation. Elizabeth Dragatsi, R.Ph, is a staff pharmacist with extensive hospital experience and a special interest in psychiatric drug therapy. She provides ongoing medication management and clinical pharmacy services in support of pharmacy operations. The day-to-day pharmacy operations and services are Elizabeth's responsibility. The Department of Pharmacy Services is comprised of a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who endeavor to provide the best possible services to Riverview Psychiatric Center patients.