Medical Staff

Riverview Psychiatric Center
Medical Staff

The Medical Staff of Riverview Psychiatric Center is comprised of 31 men and women dedicated to the humane provision of up-to-date psychiatric, medical, and dental care of our clients. The Medical Staff include psychiatrists, internists, family physicians, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists all of whom are skilled in modern treatment of mental disorders and concurrent health issues. We provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to insure continuity of care and that patient needs are met acutely.

The therapies applied by the Medical Staff include psychiatric diagnostic interviewing, comprehensive physical exams, pharmacotherapy, individual and group psychotherapy, acute and preventive dental treatment, conscious sedation, treatment of primary care health problems, and referral to outside consultants for specialized medical care.

In addition to providing outstanding treatment for our clients, the Medical Staff are involved in medical education and other scholarly activities. We have recently hosted medical students, physician assistant students, and psychiatric residents from our primary academic affiliate, Dartmouth Medical School, as well as from the University of New England, the University of Vermont, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Maine Medical Center. The Medical Staff also sponsors a full program of continuing medical education activities open to practitioners throughout the state of Maine. In addition, the faculty of the Medical Staff is dedicated to the creation of new medical knowledge by publishing research findings in scientific literature.

Current Medical Staff members include:

  • Beal, Randy, PMHNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Bredenberg, Willard, MD, Psychiatry
  • Burlock, Lindsay, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Canham, Timothy, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Dansereau, Jean-Joseph, MD, Psychiatry
  • Davidson, Miriam, PMHNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Davis, George, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Dettmann, David, DO, Psychiatry
  • Falconer, Oscar, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Filene, Daniel, MD, Psychiatry
  • Gill, Calder, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Hayes, Nathan, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Hutchins, David, DPM, Podiatry
  • Jankowski, Jed, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Johnson, Carol, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Jones, J. Kipling, MD, Psychiatry
  • Kimball, Russell, PA, Physician Assistant
  • Kincaid, Reid, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Kirby, Brendan, MD, Psychiatry, Clinical Director
  • Kootz, John, MD, Family Medicine
  • Manin, Mitchell, MD, Psychiatry
  • Moran, Stephen, MD, Psychiatry
  • Nelson, William, MD, Psychiatry
  • Phillips, Brad, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Picard, Matthew, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Prikryl, Ingrid,  DMD, Dentistry
  • Smith, Zachary, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Sweet, Jeanne, PMHNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Umbriaco, Sam, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Valliere, Leah, PA-C, Physician Assistant
  • Zale, Julie, PA-C, Physician Assistant