Client Handbook

Guiding Principles of Role Recovery

All our interactions with patients, families, support networks and staff are guided by the following principles.

Client-Centered Orientation

We focus on the dignity of each patient as a whole, not exclusively on his/her status or behavior.

Client Involvement

We focus on the opportunity for each client and/or his/her support persons to participate in all aspects of his/her service provision.

Client Choice

We focus on enabling each client to make informed choices and to gain or accept responsibilities.

Client Growth/ Potential

We focus on the belief that all people have the potential to change, the ability to continually improve and capacity to make informed choices.

Client Safety

We focus on our commitment to assure safety and security for every client, staff member and the community.

Integrated Service Plan

During the first two days following your admission to your unit, your care manager will meet with you to introduce you to the Recovery Process. Within the next week, other members of your treatment team will also meet with you individually to introduce themselves and inform you of how they might assist you in your recovery.

Together, you and each team member will identify issues and an action plan to achieve your objectives.

The identified issues will make up your treatment plan. This plan is called the Integrated Service Plan. The plan is reviewed and discussed at your Treatment Team Meetings. Your care manager is responsible for coordinating your Treatment Team Meetings.

You are encouraged and expected to take a leadership role in planning for your treatment and transition home.


The Treatment Team Meeting is Your Meeting!

Harbor Mall

The hospital’s Harbor Mall provides clients a place where active treatment groups meet in a central location. Groups are developed based on the skills, knowledge and treatment needs identified by you and other clients.

Active Treatment Hours

“Active Treatment hours” are the specified times each day when you and other clients are expected to engage in group or individual treatment. At Riverview, these hours are;

  • 9:15-11:00 am daily
  • 1:15- 3:00 pm daily
  • 6:00- 7:00 pm daily

The Members of Your Care Team

Recovery programs are delivered through a multi-disciplinary team approach to assist you in identifying and resolving issues that brought you to the hospital. A multidisciplinary team means that your treatment team consists of a variety of healthcare professionals with special qualifications to address the different issues that brought you to the hospital.

My Peer Support Specialists is ________________________

My Psychiatrist is ________________________

My Unit Director is ________________________

My Care Manager is ________________________

My Primary Mental Health Worker is _____________________

My Psychologist is ________________________

My Recreation Therapist is ________________________

My Spiritual Care Advisor is ________________________

My Medical Doctor is ________________________

My Nurse is ____________________________