Client Handbook


The purpose of this handbook is to highlight the various aspects of your stay at the Riverview Psychiatric Center and let you know what treatment and other services are available to you, and how you can expect to be treated.

What Can I expect at Riverview?

  • To be treated with respect and dignity.
  • To be kept safe when your mental illness interferes with your daily life.
  • To receive immediate and quality care and treatment.

What will happen when I am admitted?

You will have a peer specialist to offer support to you throughout your admission process.

  • You will receive written and verbal explanations of your rights as a patient.
  • You will receive professional medical care, including a complete physical upon admission.
  • You will receive a list of your personal belongings.
  • You will receive excellent food and

What treatment will I receive?

The Riverview Psychiatric Center provides daily medical, vocational, educational, recreational, psychiatric and psychosocial treatment. Our treatment is based on our belief in the process of recovery.

What is Recovery?

Recovery is overcoming the challenges of mental illness to live a satisfying, hopeful and productive life.

Recovery is a personal and unique process of growth to develop the skills to choose, obtain and maintain the roles, relationships and other things that are meaningful in our lives.

Recovery reinforces the belief that it is possible for people with mental illness to lead satisfying and productive lives.

What is Recovery?

The in-patient rehabilitation program uses the Recovery Approach to psychiatric rehabilitation to work with you to prepare for successfully fulfilling the roles you choose while living successfully in your community.

The Recovery approach is a process of assisting you to develop the skills and identify the supports you need to accomplish your goals.

Recovery promotes your active involvement in all aspects of your treatment and rehabilitation.

Program Goal

Our goal is to work in partnership with you, providing support and assistance in your recovery. We will work with you to obtain the skills and supports you need to be successful and satisfied living in the community of your choice. As we do this, we work to assure the safety and security of all patients, staff and the community.