Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)


Effective August 1, 2013, MaineCare has a new brokerage system for Non-Emergency Transportation provided to members receiving medically necessary services.

NET Brokerage Information

Transportation Broker Contact Information for Medical, School-Based Services, and Transportation Providers

If you need to contact a NET Broker to schedule a trip for a MaineCare member, please use the phone number that is designated for medical providers, which is not the same number that members call to reach the brokers. Using this dedicated phone number will expedite your call. 

The regional numbers are as follows:

Coordinated Transportation Solutions (CTS) for regions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
1-855-262-0851 (medical providers)
1-855-262-0850 (transportation providers)

Penquis CAP for region 3                                                                                                                                              1-855-437-5883

Logisticare for region 8                                                                                                                                                  1-877-659-1305

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MaineCare Member Letters and Broker Information

Click on the links below to view the Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) regional MaineCare member letters regarding the implementation of the brokerage system. In the letters you will find the brokers' contact and other important information.

Please note: The phone numbers below are for MaineCare members and member representatives. Medical providers can contact the brokers using designated phone numbers listed above this section of the webpage. Complaint phone lines are listed in the letters.

  • Region 1: All of Aroostook County, as well as Danforth and Patten. Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. (CTS) 1-855-388-1068.                                                                   
  • Region 2: All of Hancock County, including Isle au Haut, and all of Washington County excluding Danforth. Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. (CTS) 1-855-388-1069.     
  • Region 3: All of Penobscot County, excluding Patten; and all of Piscataquis County. Penquis Community Action Program 1-855-437-5883.
  • Region 4: All of Kennebec County and all of Somerset County. Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. (CTS) 1-855-388-1070.
  • Region 5:  All of Knox County, all of Lincoln County, all of Sagadahoc County, all of Waldo County, as well as Brunswick and Harpswell. Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. (CTS) 1-855-388-1071.
  • Region 6:  All of Cumberland County, except Brunswick and Harpswell. Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. (CTS).  1-855-388-1072.
  • Region 7:  All of Androscoggin County; all of Franklin County; and all of Oxford County except Porter, Hiram, Brownfield, Denmark, Sweden, Fryeburg, Lovell, Stow, and Stoneham. Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. (CTS).  1-855-388-1073.
  • Region 8:  All of York County, and Porter, Hiram, Brownfield, Denmark, Sweden, Fryeburg, Lovell, Stow, and Stoneham. Logisticare Solutions, LLC 1-877-659-1302.

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Transportation Reimbursement Forms

Members:  Please call your NET Broker prior to completing the Transportation Reimbursement Form.

Transportation providers: Please complete the reimbursement form after the NET Broker receives the trip request and updates their system. Completion of the form after the request is received will ensure the member is eligible for transportation services and trip reimbursement.

  • Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc (CTS) Reimbursement Form (.pdf)
  • Logisticare Solutions, LLC Reimbursement Form (.pdf)
  • Logisticare Solutions, LLC Reimbursement Form Instructions (.pdf)
  • Penquis Community Action Program Reimbursement Form (.pdf).

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Frequently Asked Questions


Visit the NET Archives webpage for project redesign planning information including past presentations, stakeholder feedback, and Request for Proposals news.

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