2012 Non-Emergency Transportation Procurement Information

The following Documents pertain to the Procurement Process undertaken in 2012 to identify MaineCare Non-Emergency Transportation Brokers.


Proposals are batched together by Region in compressed (.zip) files.  All proposal documentation is included.

-Region 1 (,zip)

-Region 2 (.zip)

-Region 3 (.zip)

-Region 4 (.zip)

-Region 5 (.zip)

-Region 6 (.zip)

-Region 7(.zip)

-Region 8(.zip)

Score Documents

The compressed (.zip) file below contains all scoring documents utilized in the 2012 NET procurement.

Score Documents (.zip)


The compressed (.zip) file below contains reports submitted to the department by the existing broker, demonstrating performance in the regions.  It also contains the most recent regional member counts, and recent data on call center volume and trips scheduled.

Performance Reports (.zip)