Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Changes

June 27, 2014

Effective August 1, 2014, the NET brokerage system is changing. Coordinated Transportation Solutions (CTS) will no longer provide non-emergency transportation services to MaineCare members. For those members who had Logisticare or Penquis CAP prior to this change, their broker will not change. For those who had CTS previously, they will now have Logisticare, MidCoast Connector (Waldo CAP), or Penquis CAP.

If you need to contact a NET broker to schedule a trip for a MaineCare member, please use the phone numbers that are designated for medical, school-based services, and transportation providers. These phone numbers are not the same numbers that members call to reach the brokers, and using the dedicated phone numbers will expedite your call.

At this time, please continue to call the current broker contacts to schedule trips prior to August 1, 2014.

Beginning July 18, 2014, the new phone lines will be open for trips on or after August 1, 2014.

Below is the contact information for providers to use for trips on or after August 1, 2014:

Logisticare – Regions 1, 2, 6, 7, 8

  • Medical Provider Phone: 1-877-659-1305; Fax: 1-877-637-9091
  • Transportation Provider (Transporter) Phone: 1-877-659-1304; Transportation Provider Fax: 1-877-637-9092

MidCoast Connector (Waldo CAP) – Region 5

  • Medical Provider Phone: 1-855-930-7900, Prompt 4; Provider Fax: 207-218-1159

Penquis CAP – Regions 3 & 4

  • Medical Provider Phone for Region 3: 1-855-437-5883
  • Medical Provider Phone or Region 4: 1-855-736-7847
  • Provider Fax for Regions 3 and 4: 207-641-2823

The broker that a provider calls depends on the county and town where the member resides. The list of Broker Contact Information by County and Town is found on MaineCare’s Non-Emergency Transportation webpage.

To see the letter to members and a complete list of the brokers ‘phone numbers that members will call, go to MaineCare’s Non-Emergency Transportation for Members webpage.