Reduced Data-Entry Wait Time in Provider Enrollment and Maintenance Cases, CR 37387

April 14, 2014

When using the Provider Enrollment Application (PEA) for provider enrollment or maintenance, the default setting is to save the entire application every time the user moves from one screen to another (auto-save). The application is also saved when the user clicks the ‘Save and Close’ button or ‘Submit’ button.

The auto-save feature reduces the chance that data will be unintentionally lost during a session. However, it substantially increases the amount of wait time between each screen.

This feature can be temporarily bypassed to allow users to move through the application much faster, making it easier to complete maintenance cases.

The following should be considered when deciding to turn off this feature:

  • If the internet connection is interrupted or the browser is closed before manually saving the information, all entered data will be lost.

  • Bypassing the auto-save feature is only good for the current application session. This feature must be turned off each time the PEA application is accessed.

  • To avoid losing data, the user must periodically manually save the application by clicking the “Save” button in the lower button bar.

To turn off the auto-save feature: 1. Start or re-open an enrollment or maintenance case. 2. Once past the login page, place the cursor in any field on the page and press the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[S] keys at the same time. 3. A pop-up box will display a message indicating that the “Manual Save” feature is on and a new “Save” button will be displayed in the lower button bar to allow a manual save of the data. 4. Close the pop-up box to continue. To return to auto-save at any time in the application, press the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[S] keys at the same time again.

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