Genetic Testing Reminder

April 9, 2014

MaineCare does not reimburse genetic testing services for treatment for psychological diagnoses/mental health issues as per the MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter 1:

1.06-5 Non-Covered Services

A. MaineCare will not reimburse for non-covered services. Providers may bill members for non-covered services only if, prior to the provision of the service, the provider has clearly explained to the member that MaineCare does not cover the service and that the member will be responsible for the payment. Providers must document in the member’s record that the member was told, prior to provision, that the service was not a MaineCare covered service and that the member is responsible for the payment.

B. The following services are considered non-covered services. Costs for these non-covered services are not reimbursable by MaineCare, or by the member unless the notification requirements described in Section 1.06-4(A) have been met.

MaineCare does not reimburse for:

  1. Services not described in the MaineCare Benefits Manual, or related Principles of Reimbursement;