Enhancements to the Health PAS Online Portal with Feedback from the Portal Survey

March 28, 2014

As a result of feedback from the Provider and Billing Agent Survey, the Health PAS Online Portal team has made the following enhancements and plans for future development to the portal:

In Context Help – Completed development of page sensitive help screens, released to Health PAS Online Portal in July 2013. Help is available on each page by clicking the blue question mark icon.

PCCM Referral Training Video – Completed development of educational video for ME- PCCM Referral, published to Health PAS Online Portal in January 2014. In order to access, you must first log in to your trading partner account and select the “Training” link in the left menu. If you need assistance accessing the video, please contact: MIHMSTraining@molinahealthcare.com.

Provider Portal Upgrade Notes – Completed development of an online resource offering descriptions of release enhancements to the Health PAS Online Portal. Documents are posted on Provider Updates and Bulletins webpage.

Provider Enrollment Link – Completed development to collapse the Provider Enrollment link as a default. These visual enhancements can be viewed in the left menu on the Provider Homepage.

Revolving Content, Education and Tips – Completed enhancements include weekly updates to the content for “Important Updates” and “Keep In-Mind” sections on the Provider Homepage. The updates reflect workflow changes, policy changes and upcoming events. These enhancements are available on the Provider Homepage.

Member Homepage – Currently reformatting the Member Homepage, creating a more user friendly webpage. See the Member Homepage to review future updates.

Known Issues – Current efforts include weekly updates to the Known Issues List. A link to Known Issues List can be found in “Keep In Mind” section on the Provider Homepage for easy access. Future development is planned to enhance the Known Issues List.

For future updates on portal enhancements, go to the Provider Updates and Bulletins webpage.