ICD-1O Informational Series, Part V: Provider Preparation/Helpful Hints

February 18, 2014

As a result of feedback from MaineCare’s Provider Readiness survey participants, we have developed an ICD-10 Informational Series for providers in order to share information and to direct you towards preparing for transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

The informational series will include the following parts or topics:

  • Part I: Overview of Provider Survey Results

  • Part II: MaineCare’s Provider Outreach Plan

  • Part III: ICD-10 Provider Impact

  • Part IV: Example of Coding Changes

  • Part V: Provider Preparation/Helpful Hints

Provider Readiness Survey results indicated that providers would benefit from information about how to prepare for the ICD-10 transition. As a result, MaineCare would like to share the information below, which provides some helpful hints about ICD-10 preparations. For more detailed information, please see the resources listed at the bottom of this message.

How can your organization prepare for ICD-10?

ICD-10 is a significant revision of the ICD code set. It is important that providers take the necessary steps to be ready to use ICD-10 by October 1st, 2014.

Some key steps to prepare may include:

Awareness and Assessment

  • Obtain ICD-10 code books for code look-up

  • Determine which code changes will most affect your practice

  • Assess whether any business processes or systems will need to be updated for the ICD-10 code structure

  • Assess whether any paper and electronic forms need to be updated

  • Assess whether your staff will need training

Requirements and Design

  • Identify what changes need to be made to business processes, systems, and paper and electronic forms

  • Consider opportunities to make coding more efficient

  • Identify who will need what type of training (e.g., coding certification, clinical documentation, etc.)

  • Define a timeline to implement changes

  • Discuss readiness with vendors, particularly software vendors

Implementation and Testing

  • Update business processes, policies, systems, and forms

  • Schedule and conduct training for clinicians, office managers, billers, coders, and other key staff

  • Confirm vendor readiness

  • Test with payers and other business partners

For more information, go to MaineCare’s ICD-10 webpage or CMS’s ICD-10 Provider Resources’ webpage. Please send questions about ICD-10 to MaineCare’s ICD-10 email box.