ICD-10 Provider Informational Series Part II: MaineCare’s Provider Outreach Plan

January 7, 2014

MaineCare completed analyzing the results of our ICD-10 Provider Readiness Survey. As a result of feedback from survey participants, MaineCare has developed an ICD-10 Informational Series for providers in order to share information and to direct you towards preparing for transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

The informational series will include the following parts or topics:

  • Part I: Overview of Provider Survey Results

  • Part II: MaineCare's Provider Outreach Plan

  • Part III: ICD-10 Provider Impact

  • Part IV: Example of Coding Changes and Payment Impact

  • Part V: Provider Preparation/Helpful Hints

Provider Readiness Survey results showed that some providers are not yet aware of how ICD-10 will impact them or are not sure how to prepare for ICD-10. As a result, MaineCare has developed an action plan to outreach providers and to respond to provider requests for specific information

  • Targeted Outreach. MaineCare has initiated outreach to provider groups with low survey response rates to distribute provider-specific information about ICD-10 awareness, readiness, and needs for assistance.

  • Increasing Provider Awareness. Outreach has been initiated to enlist provider associations in disseminating information about ICD-10 planning and execution, training, and testing.

  • Provider Readiness. MaineCare will use listserv messages and remittance advice (RA) messages to provide ICD-10 planning and implementation information specific to provider types.

  • Provider Concerns and Needs. MaineCare plans to increase external ICD-10 communication to address the major concerns raised by survey respondents. In addition, MaineCare has contacted providers who have submitted questions to the ICD-10 mailbox or who indicated via survey response that they wished to speak to a MaineCare staff member regarding ICD-10.

For more information, go to MaineCare’s ICD-10 webpage or CMS’s ICD-10 Provider Resources’ webpage. Please send questions about ICD-10 to MaineCare’s ICD-10 email box