Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) Referral Training Video Now Available

January 7, 2014

The ME- PCCM Referral Overview (Course) –C-1343 is now available for PCCM Primary Care Providers (PCP) and Specialists.

This video will cover the following:

  • In depth overview of submitting a referral for members in the PCCM program

  • Services requiring a referral

  • The different ways to submit a referral

  • Viewing PCCM Reports

  • How a specialist can review a referral from a PCCM PCP using the Health PAS Online portal

To access the training video, you must first log in to your trading partner account, and select the “Training” link in the left menu. Then, you will have a choice to: 1) register to access the Learning Management System (LMS) if you have not yet registered, or; 2) access the LMS if you have previously registered.

If you need assistance accessing the video, please contact

If you have questions about the PCCM program or referrals, please e-mail PCP Network Services at: