Important Notice to all Providers Enrolled in PECOS/NPPES

December 2, 2013

All providers must log into their PECOS Identity and Access Management (I&A) accounts to update the password and put in a unique email address for your account prior to December 5, 2013 to avoid your account being locked.

You also must set up an I&A account to associate any person you wish to work on your behalf. The person you chose to work on your behalf will also create an I&A account.

As of December 5, 2013 if you have not updated your account it will be archived and locked.

Steps to update PECOS Identity and Access Management (I&A) accounts user ID and password and email:

  1. Sign into your PECOS Identity and Access Management (I&A) accounts by clicking here

  2. MaineCare has a one page, I&A Process document to guide you in setting up an I&A account, connecting to providers, etc. Click this link, use the document as a reference and follow the step-by-step instructions on the PECOS I&A Management site.

CMS Password Guidelines - The password must be changed at least every 60 days

  • The password must be 7 characters long and contain at least 2 letters and 1 number.

  • Letters must be mixed case (i.e., your password must have at least 1 upper case letter and 1 lower case letter).

  • The password must not contain your user UID (Unique Identifier/Identification).

  • The password must not contain 4 consecutive characters from any of your previous 6 passwords.

  • The password must be different from your previous 6 passwords.

For support or questions on how to unlock, activate or re-register I&A accounts for PECOS/NPPES/EHR use the EUS Help Desk phone/email.

External User Services (EUS) Help Desk: 1-866-484-8049 or NOTE: The I&A changes are not initiated by the State of Maine, but from CMS.