Attention: Institutional Providers- UB-04 Changes, CR 37855, CR 37437, CR 38084

November 25, 2013

Effective 10/01/2013, MIHMS has been updated to accommodate the following UB-04 changes:

  • New revenue code for chemical dependency (0953)

  • Revised titles of Home Health bill types 032x & 034x (CR37855)  032x Home Health – In-patient (plan of treatment under Part B only) is now called “Home Health Services Under a Plan of Treatment.”  034x Home Health – Other (for medical and surgical services not under a plan of treatment) is now called “Home Health Services not Under a Plan of Treatment.”

  • Discontinuation of Type of Bill 033x – Home Health – outpatient (plan of treatment under Part A including Durable Medical Equipment under part A) (CR37855)

  • New condition codes for C-sections/inductions (CR37437)  81– C-sections/Inductions less than 39 weeks – medical necessity  82– C–sections/Inductions less than 39 weeks – elective  83– C-sections/Inductions 39 weeks or greater

  • New patient discharge status codes (CR 38084)  69- Discharged/transferred to a Designated Disaster Alternative Care Site  81 through 95- These are the 15 new discharge status codes for “a planned acute care hospital in-patient readmission.” “Readmission” is defined as “an intentional readmission after discharge from an acute care hospital that is a scheduled part of the patient’s plan of care.”

Please contact the Provider Services Call Center at 1-866-690-5585 if you have any questions.