Behavioral Health Homes (BHH) Quality Measures are Now Available

November 25, 2013

A list of Selected Quality Measures for MaineCare’s BHH program is now available on the BHH webpage. These measures will be used to identify improved outcomes in the following five goal areas:

Goal 1: Reduce Inefficient Healthcare Spending Goal 2: Improve Chronic Disease Management Goal 3: Promote Wellness and Prevention Goal 4: Promote Recovery and Effective Management of Behavioral Health conditions Goal 5: Promote Improved Experience of Care for Consumers/ Families

Measures were selected based on the following priorities: - Alignment with other value-based purchasing initiatives such as Stage A Health Homes and MaineCare Accountable Communities;

  • Use of nationally recognized measures;

  • Leveraging claims-based measures and/or existing reporting strategies to minimize burden on providers;

  • Relevance to the health of people with serious mental illness or serious emotional disturbance;

  • Ability of the BHH services to have an impact on the measure.

This set of measures will be included in the MaineCare Behavioral Health Homes regulation. Public comment is encouraged when that rule is proposed in December. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Kitty Purington at