ATTN Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) Providers: Refine Your Search Criteria for Hospitals when Making Referrals

November 21, 2013

You may receive the following error message when attempting to refer to certain hospitals on the MyHealthPAS Online Portal: “Too many providers found based on search criteria. Please narrow your search.” This error message is received when there are too many records retrieved as the result of the search.

Enter additional criteria to retrieve the hospital record you are searching for and to avoid the error message. Enter the hospital’s NPI in the “Provider ID” field and select “No Specialty Required” from the drop down menu in the “Specialty” field. After clicking “Search,” multiple records may appear, but the requested hospital name and NPI should be one of the selections to choose from.

The record search functionality will be upgraded to expand the number of records able to be retrieved. This upgrade is currently being tested and we will notify you when this enhancement is available.