ICD-10 Status Update

July 17, 2013

The ICD-10 project recently progressed from Analysis and Design to the Development phase. The Development phase includes making the necessary updates and changes to MaineCare’s systems and processes to be ready for ICD-10.

The ICD-10 IT Environment Server Build, which enables ICD-10 transactions, is complete. Testing of the configured ICD-10 codes in the ICD-10 IT Environment will begin in early August 2013. The Integrated Test Plan, including Pilot, have been developed and are currently under review. Internal testing will begin in 2014, and we expect Pilot Testing to begin in the second quarter of 2014.

We will conduct the next ICD-10 Provider Readiness Survey in September 2013. This has been pushed back from its original target date of July to allow more time for providers to advance their preparedness for ICD-10. Results of the April survey are published on the webpage.