Prohibited to Employ Individuals Excluded by Maine or Federal Government

March 8, 2013

MaineCare providers are prohibited from employing people who have been excluded by the state or by the federal government. MaineCare and/or Medicare exclude people and companies for many reasons. Some examples of why a person or company is excluded may include being convicted of certain types of crimes or having been disciplined by their professional board for licensing violations.

The Maine Excluded Providers Database, found on the HealthPAS Online Portal, is tool used to search for people excluded by the state. You can search potential employees by last name. You can then verify the Social Security or Employer Identification Number using this tool.

To check whether a person is excluded by the federal government, providers can use the Office of Inspector General Excluded Providers Database. Another federal exclusion website to check is the System for Award Management.

Providers should check both the state and federal websites to confirm whether a person has been excluded. Maine may have excluded someone that is not excluded by the federal government, and the federal government may have excluded someone not listed on Maine’s website.

Please contact the Program Integrity Unit at 207-287-4660 with questions.