APS Healthcare Provider Update - Provider Enrollment for Authorization of New Services

January 30, 2013

APS Healthcare Provider Update - Provider Enrollment for Authorization of New Services

APS Healthcare is currently contracted with the State of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services to provide a Utilization Management System for certain services purchased through the State of Maine’s Office of MaineCare Services.

The following services will be incorporated into the APS-Maine program: • Child Psychiatric Inpatient Hospitalization – MaineCare Section 46 (Effective 2/1/13) • Intensive Outpatient for Children and Adults, including both Substance Abuse and Mental Health services – MaineCare Sections 65 and 45 (Effective 2/15/13) • Partial Hospitalization Treatment for Children and Adults – MaineCare Sections 45 and 46 (Effective 2/15/13) • Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations – MaineCare Section 28 (Effective 2/22/13) • Home Supports for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder – MaineCare Section 21 (Effective 3/1/13)

Providers of the above service categories must enroll with the APS-Maine network no later than February 15, 2013.

To enroll with APS-Maine, please complete and return the Provider Enrollment materials via fax at 1-866-325-4752. The Provider Enrollment materials can be found on the APS Healthcare website at this link:http://www.qualitycareforme.com/documents/ProviderEnrollmentwithAPSHealthcare1.28.13.pdfhttp://www.qualitycareforme.com/documents/ProviderEnrollmentwithAPSHealthcare1.28.13.pdf">http://www.qualitycareforme.com/documents/ProviderEnrollmentwithAPSHealthcare1.28.13.pdf Upon successful receipt and processing of Provider Enrollment materials, APS-Maine will notify providers of training options available.

Note: Providers already working with APS-Maine and enrolled in the network do not need to re-register, though additional users may need to be added based on the services being added to the program. Please coordinate with APS Provider Relations and Care Management staff if you have questions about adding new users or attending the scheduled trainings.

Please contact APS Healthcare with questions. The APS Healthcare-Maine office is open Monday - Friday, from 8am to 6pm. Phone: 1-866-521-0027 - Option 1 for Provider Relations, Option 3 for Member Services, and Option 4 for Care Management Email: MaineCare-Prov@apshealthcare.com