MaineCare Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Brokerage Announcement

January 29, 2013

MaineCare Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Brokerage Announcement MaineCare is changing how it administers NET for MaineCare members. MaineCare will soon be contracting with transportation brokers to provide rides for MaineCare members to their medical appointments. The broker will be responsible for verifying the member’s eligibility for transportation services in each of their transit regions. A MaineCare member needs to contact the broker in the transit region where he/she lives. A map of the transit regions are found at: Contracts have been awarded to: • Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Astonia, CT for Regions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 • Penquis C.A.P., Bangor, ME for Region 3 • LogistiCare Solutions LLC, Atlanta, GA for Region 8

This award is a final decision subject to State Purchases Review Committee approval and the successful negotiation of a mutually acceptable contract.

Some providers help MaineCare members set up rides. We will provide the contact information of the awarded contractors as we approach the implementation date. Please note that all of the contracted brokers are authorized under all applicable law, statute, and regulation to verify all information necessary to provide trips for members. The broker(s) may call you to verify that: • An appointment is scheduled • The member attended the appointment • There is medical need for same day transportation or out of state care • Transportation to non-medical services is included in the members Plan of Care, if applicable

You are required to provide the necessary information to the broker and may do so without being in violation of HIPAA or Protected Health Information rules.