APS Healthcare Corrected Email Address

January 25, 2013

APS Healthcare Corrected Email Address

Yesterday, January 23th, we sent the listserv message concerning changes is the authorization process with APS Healthcare. We included an incorrect email address in that message. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

The correct email address is listed in the message below:

Changes in Authorization Process for Certain Services with APS Healthcare

Beginning February 1, 2013, DHHS will require Spring Harbor Hospital and Acadia Hospital (IMDs) to resume utilization review with APS Healthcare for CHILD PSYCHIATRIC INPATIENT HOSPITALIZATION (Section 46). IMDs will be required to complete an Initial Registration and submit Continued Stay Reviews every three days .

Beginning February 15, 2013 INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT (Sections 65 and 45) and PARTIAL HOSPITIALIZATION PROGRAMS (Sections 45 and 46) will be required to submit reviews to APS Healthcare. The review cycle will include a Prior Authorization at admission and Continued Stay Reviews either every 7 days (IOP Programs) or 5 days (Partial Hospitalization).

Additionally, DHHS will transfer responsibility for utilization review to APS Healthcare for SERVICES FOR CHILDREN WITH COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENTS AND FUNCTIONAL LIMITATIONS (SECTION 28) beginning February 22, 2013, and for limited services within HOME AND COMMUNITY BENEFITS FOR ADULTS WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES OR AUTISTIC DISORDER (Section 21) beginning March 1, 2013.

Providers impacted by this change will need to register with APS Healthcare, if they have not already done so. Providers can contact the Provider Relations staff at APS Healthcare by calling 866-521-0027 or via email at MaineCare-Prov@apshealthcare.com to request a registration packet or for additional information.

In the coming weeks, providers who are contracted to deliver the above services will be receiving specific communication and information from APS Healthcare.

APS Healthcare will also host a series of trainings statewide related to these changes throughout the month of February. More information will be provided as it is available.