Reminder: Do Not Bill Wound Care HCPC Codes Separate from Primary CPT Codes (CR27498)

November 14, 2012

The following HCPC wound care codes are considered dressings and bundled into the primary CPT code and must not be billed separately to MaineCare:

Q4104 Integra BMWD skin sub Q4105 Integra DRT skin sub Q4107 Graftjacket skin sub Q4108 Integra matrix skin sub Q4110 Primatrix skin sub Q4111 Gammagraft skin sub Q4112 Cymetra allograft Q4113 Graftjacket express allograf Q4114 Integra flowable wound matri Q4115 Alloskin, per square centimeter Q4116 Alloderm, per square centimeter Q4117 Hyalomatrix, per square centimeter Q4118 Matristem micromatrix, 1 mg Q4119 Matristem wound matrix, per square centimeter Q4120 Matristem burn matrix, per square centimeter Q4121 Theraskin, per square centimeter