Changes to 999 Implementation Acknowledgment

October 15, 2012

This notice applies to Trading Partners who submit electronic transactions. The WEDI SNIP (Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange, Strategic National Implementation Process) results of HIPAA transaction compliance testing types 1 through 6 on the 999 are causing processing issues for providers. The result can cause the 999 automation to fail or require extra manual work in order to route the file to the appropriate location.

Effective immediately, MaineCare will report only types 1-2 on the 999 and types 3-6 on the 824 Application Advice Transaction. Types 1-7 will appear on the Business Rejection Report (BRR).

The seven types of testing to determine compliance with HIPAA are as follows:
1. Type 1: EDI syntax integrity testing 2. Type 2: HIPAA syntactical requirement testing 3. Type 3: Balancing 4. Type 4: Situation testing 5. Type 5: External code set testing 6. Type 6: Product types or line of services 7. Type 7: Implementation Guide-Specific Trading Partner