Reminder: Non-Covered MaineCare Codes

August 15, 2012

Non-covered MaineCare codes are not reimbursable by MaineCare. A list of non-covered codes is available on the Health PAS Online Portal on the last tab of the MaineCare Fee Schedule File. The fee schedule and Non-Covered Code File is updated regularly, and finding a code on one of the fee schedule tabs does not guarantee that the code is always covered. You must refer to your section of policy in the MaineCare Benefits Manual to verify that certain codes are covered for your provider type.

Here are examples of recently added codes to the MaineCare Non-Covered Code list:

  • A0120 Non-emergency transport mini-bus
  • A0140 Non-emergency transport air
  • A0382 Basic support routine supplies
  • A0384 Bls defibrillation supplies
  • A0392 Als defibrillation supplies
  • A0394 Als IV drug therapy supplies
  • A0396 Als esophageal intub supplies
  • A0398 Als routine disposable supplies
  • A0422 Ambulance 02 life sustaining
  • A0432 PI Volunteer Ambulance Co
  • A0888 Non-covered ambulance mileage
  • 59050 Fetal monitoring during labor
  • V5299 Hearing Service, Misc.