DME Incontinent Product Update

July 10, 2012

The Department is renewing the incontinent product contract with Invacare. A list of covered products can be found on the Provider Updates page on the MaineCare website.

The following items are no longer billable options:

ISG ISG421LP1 ISG ISG421LP2 ISG ISG421LP3 ISG ISG421LP4 ISG ISG421LF1 ISG ISG421LF2 ISG ISG421LF3 ISG ISG421LF4 SCA SCT-64610 Kimberly Clark KBC-55506 SCA SCT-72339 SCA SCT-72239 SCA SCT-67914 SCA SCT-72146 SCA SCT-67713 SCA SCT-67813

Product limits are still enforced in the MaineCare Benefits Manual, Section 60, Chapter II. The provider is responsible for verifying member eligibility and product limits. Any item purchased outside of this contract with a higher cost will need a Prior Authorization (PA) for medical necessity before submitting a claim.