Telehealth Authorization is Required

March 30, 2012

Before billing for Telehealth, you must be granted authorization by the MaineCare Medical Director. Authorization will be given to you in writing. The delivery of services through Telehealth must be in compliance with the MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter One (1), Section 1.06-2, as well as with the sections applicable to the service being delivered. When billing for Telehealth, proof of authorization must be submitted with the claim by including a copy of the authorization letter with the paper claim or by uploading an electronic copy when submitting a Direct Data Entry (DDE) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claim. The authorization letter attachment must be uploaded the same day as your Telehealth claim submission. All Telehealth claims submitted must also include the GT (Telehealth) modifier with the appropriate HCPCs code. View the MaineCare Benefits Manual.