Submit HIPAA Version 5010 Transactions Today!

February 22, 2012

Submit HIPAA Version 5010 Transactions Today!

MaineCare is now accepting HIPAA Version 5010 production transactions. Certified trading partners are encouraged to submit HIPAA Version 5010 production files at this time.

MaineCare will continue to accept HIPAA Version 4010 transactions through March 31, 2012. On April 1, 2012, any HIPAA Version 4010 transaction submitted to MaineCare will be rejected. If a trading partner is unable to submit HIPAA Version 5010 transactions after March 31, 2012, the trading partner will be required to submit via Direct Data Entry (DDE) or through paper claims.

If your organization submits electronically in batches to MaineCare, you must complete certification testing via the MIHMS Health PAS Online Portal. Testing resources are available at MaineCare's HIPAA 5010 webpage.

If you submit HIPAA Version 4010 transactions electronically in batches, this applies to you.

If you are a provider that uses a clearinghouse or billing agent, you do not need to test with MaineCare at this time. However, please verify that your clearinghouse or billing agent has completed HIPAA Version 5010 certification testing with MaineCare.

The shift to HIPAA Version 5010 does not affect paper or Direct Data Entry (DDE) claims.

MIHMS Provider inquiries can be directed to 1-866-690-5585.