Preferred Drug Lists (PDL) – Which Drugs Need Prior Authorization?

February 14, 2012

To access PDL and PA materials via the internet: MaineCare’s Preferred Drug Listing. This listing includes the drugs that are preferred, need Prior Authorization, or have other rules that apply. For example, certain drugs are limited to 15 days on the first fill. Prescribers are encouraged to consult the PDL when choosing medications for members. If Prior Authorization is needed, contact Pharmacy Provider Services at 1-888-420-9711.

The MaineCare Rx Portal is a new MaineCare web application for providers to electronically search and review drug status on the MaineCare Preferred Drug List (PDL), review MaineCare Prior Authorization (PA) requirements and submit PA's electronically.

Access to the MaineCare Rx Portal requires regristration; prescribers, pharmacists, and members will have to self register prior to accessing information. Once the registration process is complete, depending on role type, the user will have web based access to the MaineCare PDL.

If a provider has any questions they may contact Goold Health Systems at 1-888-445-0497.

If a member has any questions they may contact the Pharmacy Help Desk at 1-866-796-2463.