Antivirus Best Practices

January 13, 2012

This is to remind all Trading Partners of their obligation to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) when accessing the MyHealth PAS On-Line Portal. By following the “best practice” guidelines below, Trading Partners will help ensure their incoming and outgoing electronic transactions are safe and secure:

  1. Always ensure that the latest definitions file is updated and current
  2. Update all antivirus software to the current version available
  3. Never open attachments that are not confirmed or expected
  4. Follow the recommended settings as listed:  Install system, email and download file scanning
  • Scan all files including compressed files
  • Always have heuristics turned on to scan for both macros and programs
  • Enable email scanning for attachments and compressed files

Other “best practice” guidelines that are recommended are:

  1. Ensure signatures are up to date

  2. Enable automatic protection

  3. Enable email scanning

  4. Enable internet filtering

  5. Enable periodic scanning

  6. Enable heuristics, if available

  7. Enable automatic updating